Why my customers love Google Apps

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Google Apps for BusinessGoogle became the 4th most valuable brand name in 2012, surpassing Microsoft, and following behind Coca Cola, Apple and IBM (http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012-Brand-View.aspx).

Most of us know Google for their search engine, and many also know about its Android(tm) software for smartphones and tablets.

But the Google product I talk about the most with my clients, is Google Apps.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a family of integrated software products including eMail (with 25GB/user of mail storage), shared calendars, shared contact lists, shared file storage, word processing editor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.  It provides world-class spam protection, and add-in conveniences like internal instant messaging, and video chat.

For $5/user/month, this is an incredible bargain compared to the combination of office software, cloud storage, email service provider, and spam prevention software, that you would otherwise need.

But its not about the price!

As compelling as the economics are, it isn’t the main reason my clients tell me they love Google Apps!

Most of my customers, and many of their professional staff, have a computer in the office, a laptop at home and on the road, a smartphone in their pocket, and tablet computer they bring everywhere they go.

With Google Apps, you can access ALL your data and functions, from any of those devices, anytime, so long as you can connect to the internet.

And they only need to remember one userID and password to access it all.

Reading an email on your smartphone and want to file it in your “New Sales” folder? Go ahead and do it on your phone.  It will be in that folder when you get to the office, or login from home.  Want to schedule an appointment with the person you just met over lunch? Put in your calendar – the time will show as “busy” to your secretary.

Some people complain that they don’t want to live in a world where we can all work all the time, from everywhere.  I am not so philosophical, but I don’t want to work all the time either.  But I love having the flexibility to go where I want, when I want, and still be able to get my job done.

And so do most of my customers.  And that is why they love Google Apps!