Cloud Services

What is “Cloud Computing?”

Cloud Computer Services DiagramChances are, you have heard some variation of the phrase “the cloud” in commercial advertisements, business meetings, and even social settings.  Virtually every computer, software and network provider is offering their version of cloud services or computing.

The term “cloud” comes from the historical use of a cloud-shaped symbol for complex networks in system diagrams. As technically sophisticated as networks are to build and manage, their historical function was fairly simple: connecting computers and users to each other.

In today’s environment, “cloud computing” refers to a broader set capabilities where your data can be backed up, your applications to process data can be run, your photo libraries can be accessed from the network itself.

And perhaps more importantly, you can use virtually any computer, tablet, or smart phone, to access it all, from anywhere.

Why is it a big deal?

As users and business people, you may well have several computers you use in the course of a day, and use different ones from different places.

Want to access that big proposal you worked on this morning, from your den tonight?  Pickup that critical email with instructions to tomorrow’s meeting?  Make sure your invoices go out before the end of the month, even while you are visiting clients on the other side of the country – or the world, for that matter.

The cloud enables you to do all these things securely, and easily, from all your devices, and even ones you borrow at an airport, hotel, or a customer site.

PCMango and Cloud Computing

The concept is powerful, and the capabilities are growing rapidly.  Apple’s iCloud, Google Apps, LiveDrive or Carbonite backups, accounting systems like QuickBooks, or sales systems like, seem to add new functions every day.

At PCMango, we help you take advantage of the technology, without being overwhelmed by the options. Let us help you find the best combination of services your business’s specific needs and existing investments, so you can get the best leverage to take on your competition.