Backup & Data Security

What would you do without your data?

For most business owners and managers, it is a scary thought.  What if my data is lost or corrupted?  How long can I be down before I start to lose business, customers, or even customer’s data.

  • What if your disk breaks down and takes your data with it?
  • What if a virus finds its way onto my computer, and corrupts the data?

At PCMango, our top concern is protecting the assets you need to run your business, and that starts with your data and application software.

In the complex world of today’s technology and internet connectivity, it takes multiple layers of protection to keep your data safe.

Preventive Measures – minimize your exposure

We help our customers answer these tough questions, and correct situations that need to be improved:

  • Is your network protected with a properly configured firewall?
  • Do you have adequate passwords on sensitive data?
  • Do you take your data to public places on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and if it were lost or stolen, would it be exposed?
  • Do you have virus and malware protection that is current and effective?

Restorative Measures – getting back to business

Machines and the software we run, are subject to failure. It is the nature of technology that even with incredibly reliable components, we rely on so many of them that the likelihood of a failure or malicious compromise approaches certainty, as your business matures. For that reason, you need an effective backup and restoration strategy, and you need to test it from time-to-time, to make sure it is working before you need to use it.

Here are some of the matters we help businesses like yours deal with:

  • Do you have a local backup of your data, so in the event of a hardware failure, or software compromise, you can restore the volume of data you need in the shortest possible timeframe?  Remote backups are terrific, but the speed of your access to a remote server is a small fraction of the speed of a connection between devices connected locally.
  • In the event that your local site is compromised, or damaged, do you have a remote backup to rely on?
  • Do you have your software programs, licenses and keys available, if systems need to be rebuilt from scratch?
  • Do you know how to test your backup capability to make sure it is working before it is working?  When is the last time you tested it?

If you are unsure of your answers to these questions, PCMango can help you regain peace of mind, and know that your environment, your business, and the businesses of the customers who depend on you.

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