Help Desk

Who do you call when something on your computer or networking doesn’t work?

PCMango provides help desk solutions that are just right for small and mid-sized businesses who rely on their computers and networks, and don’t want to hire or pay for dedicated resources.

Information Technology (“I.T.”) is an investment that can make a small or mid-sized business competitive with larger companies. But they can lose that leverage if the technology isn’t working right, or users do not know how to use it properly.

Big, medium, or small, if you are using technology to your advantage, you need someone to call when something breaks, or changes.  But only large companies can effectively leverage the cost of recruiting and retaining in-house experts.

At PCMango, we provide Help Desk solutions for mid-sized businesses, so there is always someone there to answer your questions, and keep your users productive. Our knowledgeable staff can:

  • Answer usage questions
  • Diagnose and resolve system desktop, and some network problems
  • Escalate to second level support for additional expertise, or onsite assistance.

Call us at 703.888.5969 or 301.661.6221 to learn more!