Google Apps

Why do over 5 Million businesses use Google Apps?

They use it for the teamwork!

Google Apps provides a rock solid platform for users to collaborate and work together from any web-capable device, in any location. Schedule and work on documents, presentations, or spreadsheets, together in real-time, or at different times. And have all of it integrated with email, instant messaging, voice, and video chat.

They use it to stay connected!

With unified email contacts and calendaring across all devices and platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Windows, Apple OS X, Chromium and more!


Google Mail

The best email on the planet. Hands down. 25 Gigabytes of storage and with built in chat and video conferencing no other email hosting even comes close.

Google Drive

Work together better. Share documents and collaborate across your organization with multiple users working on a document, spreadsheet at the same time.

Google Calendar

Online syncronized calendars with easy sharing between users. Simple controls that let users delegate how much control they give of their calendars.

Google Vault

Allows companies to retain, archive, search and export all of their domain’s email for eDiscovery or compliance needs. Admins can define retention policies that are then applied to your email and chat messages.

PCMango provides Google Apps Deployment & Migration services including:

500 Reasons to Switch to Google Apps

Project Planning

  • A smooth migration to Google Apps depends on careful planning along with following best-practices standards to assure total data migration of your emails, contacts, and calendars.


  • We will help you and your users get connected, stay connected, and use the apps to their full advantage!